MAF1425B (X-band 10 kW Magnetrons, ESAC series)

X-band 6 kW / 10 kW Magnetrons ESAC series

9380 ~ 9440 MHz (Fixed)
Output power (Peak)
10.5 kW
Duty cycle / Pulse duration
0.001 / 1.25 μsec
Other features
RoHS compliant
ESAC : Extended Surface Area Cathode
Electrical specifications of MSF types are as same as one of identical number of MAF types. MAF type magnetrons will be recommended for new radar design.


Items Parameters
Anode voltage (Peak) 5.6 kV
Anode current (Peak) 5 A
Heater voltage 6.3 V
Heater current 0.55 A
RF output interface Waveguide : WR90
RF flange : UG-135/U Equivalent
Power supply interface Lead wire
Cooling Air / Forced air
Weight 0.4 kg