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Li-ion Battery Protection ICs

Enhancing "Safety and Security" 
with Nisshinbo Micro Devices Li-ion Battery Protection ICs

1. Industry-Leading Characteristics
High Accuracy & Low Current Consumption

Our ICs achieve highly accurate and low supply current characteristics by CMOS analog technology. Small and highly accurate protection ICs facilitate your products to be safer than ever.

High Accuracy & Low Current Consumption

2. Various Protections Available
Externally Configurable Protections

We have a wide lineup of battery protection ICs that include various protections such as Temperature Protection, Cell Balancing, Cascade Connection, Open-Wire Detection, and so on. Those protections are externally configurable, which makes the ICs meet the various needs of customers flexibly.


3. Appropriate for Small & Light Products
Ultra-Small & Extremely-Thin Packages

The world's smallest and thinnest class packages can reduce not only the mounting area but also the size and weight of portable devices and battery packs.

Ultra-Small & Extremely-Thin Packages

Our Contribution to "Security & Safety"

Over 20 Years of Experience in Li-ion battery Protection ICs

Over 20 Years

World's Greatest Shipping Records and Shares in 1-cell protection ICs

World's Greatest Shipping Records and Shares in 1-cell protection ICs

A global share of 17% in Smartphone Market

A global share of 17% in Smartphone Market

- Typical Applications -

Our "Li-ion battery protection ICs" have been adopted in various kinds of applications.
    • 1-cell

    smartphones, smart watches, battery chargers (power banks), hearing aids, activity trackers, smartglasses

    • 2-cell

    digital single-lens reflex cameras, digital video cameras, portable DVD players, laptop PCs, transceivers, battery chargers (power banks)

    • Multi-cell

    power tools, robot cleaners, E-bikes, pedelecs, mobility electric carts, self-balancing hoverboards, gardening tools, drones, ESS, UPS

    • Secondary

    laptop PCs, power tools, self-balancing hoverboards, E-bikes, robot cleaners