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DC/DC Switching Regulators: Introduction

Nisshinbo Micro Devices provides various DC/DC switching regulators that cover Buck, Boost, inverting, flyback and Buck-Boost topologies. We offer a wide operating voltage range from low operating voltage type that design for energy-harvest to 80V maximum rating products. As well as we have a wide coverage of output current, also Controller type with external MOSFET are available. Furthermore, depending on application demand, several variation can be offer such as switching modes, noise immunity, inductor built-in module and so on.

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Prime Designer

"Prime Designer" is a free online design tool for search, design of external components' value, and simulations of DC/DC switching regulators.

  • Prime Designer

    Online Design Tool

    Registration to myNISD is required to use some of the functions, such as simulations.

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SPICE Model (Macromodel)

SPICE Model (Macromodel) Download

Nisshinbo Micro Device offers free use of Macromodel for easy circuit design. Before using this service, please agree with the terms of use listed below. Tools covered by this service are OrCAD Capture® and OrCAD PSpice®. Please download from each product page or SPICE model file list.