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LDO Linear Regulators: Introduction

Low Noise, High Accuracy
Low-noise & High-accuracy LDO linear regulator that can supply a stable voltage

High Noise Immunity products best suitable for EMS countermeasure.

High-noise immunity LDO linear regulator using our proprietary circuit technology can supply a stable voltage even under a wide noise frequency condition of 150 kHz to 1 GHz.

Noise Immunity Comparison

Noise Immunity Comparison

Noise Reduction for IoT devices

Low output noise LDO linear regulator with a high ripple rejection of 90 dB@1 kHz, fast response, and low supply current, which is optimal for noise-sensitive applications such as power supplies for audio equipment or image sensors.

Ripple Rejection Ratio

Ripple Rejection Ratio

SPICE(Macro model)

SPICE(Macro model) Download

Download Macromodels that help you design a circuit efficiently. The available tools are: OrCAD® Capture, which is the industry standard schematic entry system in electronic design; and PSpice® A/D simulation solutions, which is the most widely used advanced simulation solution. Please download from each product page or Macromodel File list.