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Reset Timer IC

Reset timer ICs enable smartphones or tablets to reset their operating mode by holding down a reset button when they become freezed. We provide reset timer ICs that can configure reset signal delay time to prevent reset operations caused by unintended input signals. Choose the most suitable one for your usage and applications. We also have a series of reset timer IC with a shipping mode which reduces battery consumption during shipment. Our reset timers contribute to prolonging battery operating time thanks to their low supply current feature.

Product Name VDD
Output Delay
Time [s]
Output Release
Time [s]
Package Features
R3200x001x 1.65 5.5 0.28 7.5
- DFN(PL)2020-8B
R3200x002x 7.5 0.234 DFN(PL)2020-8B
R3200L052B 10 0.313 DFN1216-8
R3200L053B 10 0.078 DFN1216-8
R3200L064B 3 0.1875 DFN1216-8
R3201L001A 2.2 5.5 0.35 8 0.4 QFN014018-10 Shipping mode
R3201L002A 10
R3201L003A 12
R3201L004A 16