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Switching Drivers: Introduction

Nisshinbo Micro Devices provides a lineup of half / H-bridge drivers and gate drivers for use in piezoelectric element, small actuators such as motors, and various inverter drive circuits. These have a wide variety of protection circuits and various drive voltage lineup suitable for various applications. We offer not only general-purpose products with basic functions, but also multifunctional products that meet the specific needs of applications, such as built-in boost convertor, LDO and voltage/current detection functions.

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Detail of the Switching Drivers

Gate Drivers


Gate drivers that drive Power MOSFETs and IGBTs. Operating voltage is up to 20 V and ideal for a wide range of applications.

Integrated gate driver with LDOs targeting digital control are also available.

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Half / Full Bridge Drivers

Half-bridge driver

Full bridge (H bridge)

Half-bridge and Full-bridge (H-bridge) drivers for driving actuators, solenoids, relays, and motors.

The product lineup includes a type with a built-in boost convertor targeting for driving small piezo actuators and a low-voltage operation of 1.8 V type.

All Half / Full Bridge Drivers