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Business Field

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. contributes to growth of various industries as an analog solution provider with the keyword "Connect" to make use of advantages of each former company.

Supporting the development of the automotive industry with
reliable automotive ICs

The automotive industry is currently going through a period of extraordinary transformation thanks to the developing of electric vehicles, the demonstration of practical applications for autonomous driving, and the appearance of new mobility services. Nisshinbo Micro Devices provides fine services that satisfy customer's needs based on the experiences and results of two former companies which have contributed to the development of car electronics for long years.
Furthermore, we contribute to the changes of automotive industry by two core competences as Signal Processing and Energy Management that correspond to progressive requirements of automotive sensors and V2X.

Contributing to the evolution of industrial equipment with analog
technology to satisfy needs

In industrial equipment, the introduction of centralized controls is accelerated with new technologies such as automation and IoT technology. Nisshinbo Micro Devices contributes to the evolution of industrial equipment through providing solution proposals taking full advantage of synergy through business integration, high reliability supporting long term operation, and our product longevity program.

Providing new technologies that corresponds to more diverse needs in consumer equipment.

Consumer devices are diversifying and most of them include sensors and communication functions. Nisshinbo Micro Devices contributes to the improvement of convenience for customers and end users by providing new technologies and/or products not only for conventional home appliances but also for healthcare and IoT devices.

Providing microwave technology solutions and products with two trustable achievements: world-class reliability and track records proving top share of global market.

Nisshinbo Micro Devices has provided solutions and products featuring advanced microwave technology for many years.
Our microwave products are supporting the development of satellite communications and we are now accelerating business development in markets around the world to meet the requirements for satellite communications, which are growing in importance, spurred by expanding use and the shift toward seamless communications. Also with the advent of the IoT era and the rapid innovations taking place in manufacturing, microwave applications are spreading from satellite communications and radar into such new fields as sensing and medical treatment. We are combining microwave technology that we have cultivated over many years with advanced semiconductor technology to provide robust support for customers’ product development aimed at meeting the emerging requirements of the market.