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Operational Amplifiers: Introduction

To correspond to the increasing needs for amplifying sensor signals, Nisshinbo Micro Devices provides a wide variety of operational amplifier (Op amp) lineup which covers the features from low current consumption of less than 1µA to high speed of 20MHz. Furthermore, those have special features such as high EMI immunity, input tolerant function to prevent reverse current flow from the power supply to the input terminals, and direct drive a capacitive load of more than 1000 pF (Enhanced C-Drive TM). We have a wide range of products that can support various sensor applications.

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SPICE(Macro model)

Download Macromodels that help you design a circuit efficiently. The available tools are: OrCAD® Capture, which is the industry standard schematic entry system in electronic design; and PSpice® A/D simulation solutions, which is the most widely used advanced simulation solution. Please download from each product page or Macromodel File list.

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