Quality Grade

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. provides four quality grades of products to meet each market and/or customer's quality requirements.
We propose products according to customer's purpose such as the automotive products that classified acceding to purpose/area of automotive applications and the products that meet long term reliability requirement such as 24 hours operated equipment (e.g. factory automation related, social infrastructures and so on).

Principal purpose Automotive Industrial equipment and Social infrastructures General-purpose and Consumer application
Powertrain and Safety driving related Chassis, Body control and In-vehicle
Suffix Q(Qualified P(Peripheral D(inDustrial S(Standard
Operation temperature range -40°C to +125°C -40°C or -50°C to +125°C
-40°C or -50°C to +105°C
-40°C or -50°C to + 85°C
-40°C to +125°C
-40°C to +105°C
-40°C to + 85°C
Qualification AEC-Q100*1 JEDEC*1
+ Operating life stress test 2000h
QMS IATF16949 ISO9001
Screening High voltage stress High voltage stress High voltage stress High voltage stress
Test condition
  • High Temperature
  • Room Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • High Temperature
  • Room Temperature
  • High Temperature
  • Room Temperature
  • Room Temperature
  • *1 Please contact us for detailed product information.

Products for Each application