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CSR Activities

Nisshinbo Group CSR

  • Nisshinbo Group CSR
  • As a member of the Nisshinbo Group, Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. will make contributions to and grow along with society as an Environment and Energy Company group.

Promotional System for CSR

  • Promotional System for CSR
  • The Nisshinbo Group is promoting group-wide CSR activities under the direction of the Corporate Strategy Meeting, which is responsible for business execution functions under the corporate governance system, and centered on the CSR Department of the Corporate Strategy Center of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.

Initiatives for Society

  • Nisshinbo Group Human Rights Statement
  • In August 2023, we, the Nisshinbo Group, formulated the "Nisshinbo Group Human Rights Statement" as a basic policy for human rights approach in the Group's values and actions.We pledge to develop and provide products, technologies, and services that ensure people's safety and security.

Nisshinbo Microdevice Group "Health Company“
Declaration on Health Management

Nisshinbo Microdevices Inc. has been working on health management as a member of the Nisshinbo Group, and we hereby declare the Nisshinbo Microdevices Group Health Management "Healthy Company" Declaration to further promote health management.

Safety and security of employees

All employees of Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. recognize the importance of safety and health and are working to create a safe and comfortable workplace by improving facilities, work environment and work methods.

Safety and Health Policy for Nisshinbo Micro Devices

Based on the Nisshinbo Groups' business Conduct Guidelines "Safety is the basis for Everything”, We will properly manage safety and health activities through the understanding and mutual cooperation of our employees, we will continue to make an effort to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace and promote the employees' health.

  • We will comply with the Industrial Safety and Health-related Acts and the safety and health management regulations.
  • We will make an effort to "Zero accidents/promoting health for employees" through safety and health activities.
  • We will make an effort to eradicate potential unsafe conditions by promoting safety and health activities.
  • We will actively support employees' voluntary "health promotion of mind, body, and spirit".
  • We will systematically promote safety and health education to raise employees' awareness.
  • The safety and health policy will be made known to employees and will be open to the public.

Sustainable materials procurement

It is necessary for the Group and its business partners to actively promote CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities from a common perspective. We will continue to promote CSR activities.

Environmental Initiatives

  • Nisshinbo Group Environmental Activities
  • The Nisshinbo Group is aiming to increase corporate value as a more united corporate group by realizing its Corporate Philosophy — “Change and Challenge! For the creation of the future of Earth and People.” As an Environment and Energy Company group, we will continue to offer new products and systems that help protect the environment, save energy and create alternative sources of energy, while also providing solutions that address some of the greatest issues faced by humanity today, such as environmental destruction and natural disasters caused by climate change, to make life safer and more secure for people everywhere.

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Group Environmental Vision

The Nisshinbo Micro Devices Group recognize that protecting the global environment is an important issue common to all humankind and is a corporate social responsibility, and we will consider environmental protection in all our corporate activities and act positively.

Environmental conservation basic policy

  • (a)

    We will contribute to reducing the environmental burden by developing Innovative products that create customer value and are widely used in society.

  • (b)

    We will comply with compliance obligations and voluntary standards set as needed.

  • (c)

    All employees will strive to continuously improve the global environment through business.

  • (d)

    Through the following activities in the manufacturing process, we will strive to prevent environmental pollution and improve the global environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

    • Energy saving and resource saving
    • Waste reduction and recycling promotion
    • Reducing and substituting of global warming substances and pollutants

  • (e)

    We will set environmental targets and strive to continuously improve our environmental performance.

  • (f)

    We will work on nature conservation and ecosystem conservation in consideration of the local environment.

  • (g)

    We will implement environmental education with the participation of all employees to raise awareness of environmental conservation.

  • (h)

    Improving the effectiveness of EMS, the life cycle will be considered in each of the above activities.

Environmental Management System Certification

Management system registration certificate

Registration Certificate
Registration Date March 24, 1997
Expiry date January 12, 2027
Certificate Number JQA-EM4431
Registration agency Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Scope of Registration Development, designs, manufacture, and sale of electronic device products and microwave application products.

Information on certification of subsidiaries

Subsidiary Standard Registration agency Certificate Number Expiry date
Nisshinbo Micro Devices AT Co., Ltd. ISO14001: 2015 JQA JQA-EM2049 December 27, 2025
Nisshinbo Micro Devices Fukuoka Co., Ltd. ISO14001: 2015 LRQA ISO14001-0067856 November 10, 2024
Nisshinbo Micro Devices (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ISO14001: 2015 BVC TH 013542 March 26, 2025

Environmental Data of Nisshinbo Micro Devices Group

Environmental data of the Nisshinbo Micro Devices Group is published as follows.