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Optoelectronic Devices

Nisshinbo Micro Devices has provided optoelectronic devices for about 40 years and our products are used in a wide variety of markets. The portfolio includes five sub categories: Photo Reflectors, Position Sensors, Touchless Sensors, Photo Detectors and Ambient Light Sensors. These meet market needs such as high resolution, low current consumption, and small and thin package. We also have capability of customized products, so please contact us.

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Position Sensor for high resolution reflective encoder

NJL58xx series

●The NJL5820R/21R/22R series is a reflective type optical sensor combining a high power IR LED and a light receiving element.

●This series has high robustness by processing reflected light from the recommended striped reflectors. Also, it contributes to simplifying assembly and miniaturization of equipment.

●It contributes to reducing current consumption and design effort with the sensor optimized for various rotation detection.




Series Package Size Operating
Resolution Reflected/Unreflected surface Strip Width
NJL5820R 2.6x2.5x0.8mm -30℃ to 85℃ 50.8LPI Reflected surface 0.25mm
Unreflected surface 0.25mm
-30℃ to 105℃ 150LPI Reflected surface 0.085mm
Unreflected surface 0.085mm
180LPI Reflected surface 0.070mm
Unreflected surface 0.070mm

* In the case of use striped reflector made by MELTEC Corporation.