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Data Converters

Part Number Data
Key Features Operating Voltage Range
A/D Conversion Package Outline Note
min. typ.

NJU3610 Consumer Digital Filter
High-Pass Filter
Stereo 4-1 Selectors
- - 1bit Delta-Sigma stereo ADC LQFP48-R3 Single power supply: 3.0 to 3.6V(Built-in regulator using together)
Two power supply: Analog(3.0 to 3.6V)/Digital(1.65 to 2.0V)

NJW5210 Consumer R-2R System
8bit 3channel D/A Converters
2.7 5.5 - MSOP8(TVSP8) -

NJW5211 Consumer R-2R System
8bit 8channel D/A Converters
2.7 5.5 - SSOP14 -

NJM4151 Consumer Frequency Operation from 1Hz-100kHz 8 22 - DIP8
8V<V+<15V (3.5mA typ.)
16V<V+<22V (4.5mA typ.)