Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs): Introduction

A voltage detector is an IC that monitors a certain voltage such as supply voltage. It is sometimes called a reset IC, for it sends a reset signal to the CPU at power-on reset signal detection or at supply voltage abnormality detection. It is also regarded as a kind of supervisor ICs, the same way as watchdog timer ICs which monitor signal cycles of a CPU.

Our product lineup includes many voltage detectors with various unique features.

Small and Thin Package

The following voltage detectors feature small and thin packages enabling high-density mounting. These small-package products help to reduce mounting area and the size of your applications.

High-voltage Resistance

Voltage detectors below feature high input voltage of maximum 60 V and high detector threshold of maximum 36 V. These detectors can directly monitor a high supply voltage which an automotive battery or general industrial equipment use.

Over- and Under-voltage Monitoring (Window-type Detectors)

General voltage detectors have a reference voltage, and they define voltage state lower or equal to the reference voltage as abnormality. On the other hand, window voltage detectors have a function to find both over and undervoltage, and therefore can monitor whether the monitoring voltage is at the desired value or not.

Our window voltage detectors have a high threshold accuracy of ±0.5% (Ta = 25°C), and therefore are suitable for functional-safety-required applications such as automotive and industrial equipment.

Multi-functional Voltage Detectors

Furthermore, our voltage detector lineup includes ones containing a watchdog timer and an LDO regulator in a single chip. They are applicable for voltage monitoring of various applications.

Unique Voltage Detectors Available

Besides the products mentioned above, we line up many other voltage detectors with characteristics such as a high threshold accuracy of ±0.5%, low supply current of 290 nA, and a wide operating voltage range of 0.5 to 60 V.
Other features include following: settable detection delay time, manual reset function (MR function), separated VDD-SENSE pins, power on reset function, output inversion, over and undervoltage monitoring function, adjustable detector threshold / release voltage function, and so on.

With these features, our voltage detectors will help to create high value-added applications.

FAQs on Our Voltage Detectors

Refer to the following FAQs for more details on functions our voltage detectors have.