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General Caution for Sensor Modules(WaveEyes) (Microwave Products)

Product Notes

  • While Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. continually strives to improve the quality and reliability of our products, failures will occur in microwave products over time. For this reason, it is important that customers fulfill their responsibilities to ensure designed-in safety – including failsafe functions, redundancy, and measures to prevent malfunctions and the spread of fire – in order to avoid injuries, accidents, or social repercussions resulting from the failure of any sensor-related products on this website (hereinafter, “the product”). Customers must pay careful attention to ensuring the safety of their equipment.

  • The product is designed and tested to function in accordance with its specifications. Do not use under conditions that deviate from the product specifications included in the delivery specifications. We assume no responsibility and shall not be liable for any injuries, accidents, or social repercussions resulting from the product being in a poor or damaged state because it was used under conditions that depart from the specifications.

  • The product is covered by a warranty for one year following delivery unless otherwise stipulated in the contract or delivery conditions. In the event of a failure for which we are responsible occurring during the warranty period, we undertake to repair or replace the product free of charge. Note, however, that the warranty does not cover failures such as those listed here (see bullets below), even if they occur within the warranty period. In addition, in the case of a product being repaired or replaced by us, the starting date for the warranty period is still the original delivery date of the product.

    • Failure due to the product being used in conditions other than those stipulated in the data sheet, specification sheet, etc.
    • Failure due to modifications or repairs carried out by some entity other than our company
    • Failure determined to be the result of unsuitable maintenance or replacement of a consumable item that requires due maintenance
    • Failure due to circumstances that were unforeseeable given the scientific/technological standards at the time of shipment
    • Other failures due to external factors such as fire, earthquake, flood and power supply anomalies for which we are not responsible

    In addition, the product warranty is limited to the provision of repair services or replacement at no cost. It does not cover secondary damage (to equipment, business opportunities, profits, etc.) or any other damage that may have resulted from failure of the product.

  • The product must comply with any laws and regulations governing use of the radio spectrum, power output, etc with country by country. The customer should ensure that the customer's intended use of the product does not contravene such legislation in the country or countries where it will be used. The customer should also obtain any necessary certification or license to ensure legal compliance.
    Please note that we cannot assume any responsibility for violations resulting from use outside of the designated country or for any use of the product that departs from the conditions laid down in the specifications.

  • The product must be handled properly to ensure its continued reliability. Since it can be damaged by contact with or intrusion of substances such as water, dust, oil, chemicals and corrosive gases, it must be given appropriate protection.
    As the product is sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), during handling, severe electrostatic damage can result from discharges from workers, measuring instruments and other equipment. Appropriate antistatic measures must be taken and workers should avoid handling the product under conditions that expose it to discharges greater than the ESD class indicated in the delivery specifications.

  • If the product is to be used with equipment/systems that must meet special quality and reliability standards (aerospace equipment, medical equipment, power generation control equipment, automotive/railway transportation equipment, safety equipment, disaster prevention and security equipment, etc.), please consult with our sales staff in advance.

  • Some products contain gallium arsenide (GaAs), classified as a harmful substance. To avoid danger, do not incinerate, crush, or chemically treat the product in such a way that gases or dust are released. When disposing of the product, comply with all applicable laws and regulations and do not treat it as general industrial waste or household waste.

  • When exporting a product or technology, observe export laws and regulations such as those governing foreign exchange and foreign trade, and obtain any necessary licenses for export, service transactions, etc.
    We request that you do not use our products or the technical data published on this website for developing weapons of mass destruction or for any other military purposes or applications.

  • The product specifications on this website are subject to change without notice. If you are considering using a product, delivery specifications must first be settled.