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Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site. Before using this website, please read our Cookie Policy, and select "Accept" or "Decline" on your own responsibility.

1. What Are Cookies?

This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you. We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors both on this website and other media. If you disagree with our Cookie Policy, please click "Decline" or invalidate our cookies on your browser. In that case, however, you may be unable to use some of functions on our website. Also, if you select "Decline", your visiting information will never be tracked thereafter, but instead this website will add an additional cookie to remember your declination.

2. Purpose of Using Cookies

We collect and use information with cookies to improve our website performance, enhance its usability, and conduct overall analysis on how the visitors use our website.

The cookie information this website collects is used for the following purposes:

  • Website management
  • Functionality improvement
  • Analysis and improvement
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Link with our social media

We use the following analysis tools to analyze cookie information and conduct statistical measurements on such as use status and traffics of our website. Please refer to each tool's website to check its terms of use and privacy policy.

3. Collection and Analysis of Browsing History and Use Status

To inform you of the proper information on products, services and events, we may collect and analyze your browsing history, use status, and may even use them in conjunction with your personal information such as your email address we obtain on the basis of your consent. We will never collect your personal information that can identify one specific person without your consent, such as name, address, telephone number, and email address.

4. Disablement of Cookies

Although most browsers have a default setting to automatically receive cookies, you can disable cookies by changing the browser setting. If you do disable cookies, however, it is possible that you will not be able to use some of this website’s functions. For the method of changing cookie settings, please refer to your browser’s official support site. The URLs of the main browser support sites are as follows:


In order to prevent leakage, loss, destruction, etc. of personal information, we endeavors to protect personal information in its possession complying with laws, regulations, guidelines, and internal rules and take appropriate safety control measures. For details, please refer to “Privacy: Handling of Personal Information”

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