Waveguide, CPR137 (with Groove) ">

NJT5677 series (Full C-band 5W BUC)

Full C-band BUC

NJT5677 series

Frequency Organization
RF Frequency: 5.85 to 6.725 GHz
IF Frequency: 950 to 1,825 MHz
LO Frequency: 4.9 GHz
High Efficiency Output Power
P1dB: +37 dBm min. over temperature
Power Consumption: 48 W max.
Small Size & Light Weight
Weight: 1.7 kg
Other Features
LED Indicator
RoHS Compliance

Products Line-up

Model No. RF Frequency Output Power IF Connector
NJT5677N 5.85 to 6.725 GHz +37 dBm min.
@ P1dB
NJT5677F F-type(75Ω)


Items Parameters
RF Output Interface Waveguide, CPR137 (with Groove)
IF Input Interface Coax. Connector, N-type Female (50 Ω)
Coax. Connector, F-type Female (75 Ω)
P1dB Output Power (@ 1dB G.C.P.) +37 dBm min. over temperature
Linear Gain 61 dB nom.
Input Power Voltage Requirement +24 VDC (+15 to +30 VDC)
Power Consumption @ P1dB 48 W max.
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +55 ℃
Waterproof / Dustproof (IP-code) IP67
Weight 1.7 kg
(w/o Interfaces & Screws)
(L) 190.6 x (W) 160 x (H) 59 mm