Package SSOP20-C3
Pin 20
Dimensions (mm) 4.4x6.5
Thickness (mm) 1.25
Pitch (mm) 0.65
Solder Ball (mm)
Plating Sn2Bi
Product Mass (mg) 89
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 2a
Recommend Mounting Reflow:OK
Quantity/Reel (pcs) 2000
Taping Direction TE1/TE2
Non-use Certificate RoHSⅡ
Non-use Certificate REACH
Non-use Certificate Halogen Free

* Refer to the datasheet for the power dissipation of each product.


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Download (Package dimension, Taping specification, Taping reels dimension, Power dissipation and Land pattern (Foot pattern))

Package information


Category ProductName Datasheet  
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Three-Phase BLDC Motor NJU7388B 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Control IC with 150° Square Wave
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