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Low noise

Power management IC reduces noise influence

Designing IoT devices with less noise concern

IoT devices are expected to have high noise resistance due to the use of highly accurate analog signal for IoT sensor's network.

Therefore, the power management IC is required to provide low output noise and high ripple rejection.

Power management IC reduces noise influence

Low supply current, low output noise, high ripple voltage, and fast response, All in one product!

For example, if you use a sensor with 16-bit ADC/DAC to an IoT device, 1 LSB becomes about 40 μVrms when the input voltage range width is 2.6 V. The noise level allowed to maintain the accuracy of this analog signal is 1/2 LSB, lower than or equal to 20 µVrms.

Resolution calculating tool What is the resolution value of your product? Check it out with this tool!

<When using ADC/DAC for IoT devices>

Inputting the following two parameters enables to calculate the resolution (1 LSB) of analog signal.

  • ADC/DAC bit
  • Voltage range width V

Resolution (1 LSB) is µV.

Low-noise LDO regulator for IoT devices achieves low output noise, high ripple rejection, and fast response characteristics at high level.

Low noise and low supply current LDO regulator

RP122 Series

The RP122, a low-noise LDO regulator, offers low output noise of 8 µVrms (10 to 100 kHz). It is capable of handling analog signal without deteriorating the accuracy of 16-bit ADC/DAC. It also achieves a high ripple rejection of 90 dB@1 kHz, 85 dB@10 kHz, and 65 dB@100 kHz. It allows designing IoT devices without being concerned with noise since it reduces noise even if it is used for post-switching regulator.

We highly recommend our power management IC with low noise for your IoT devices.

Product Name Function IOUT Output Noise Ripple Rejection Rate (@1kHz)
RP122 Low Noise and Low Supply Current LDO Regulator 400 mA 8 μVrms 90 dB
RP123 Low Noise and Low Supply Current LDO Regulator 250 mA 8 μVrms 90 dB
NR1641 1A Equipped with Low Power Mode Ultra-Low Noise Low Dropout Voltage Regulator 1000 mA 3.7 μVrms

75dB (85dB@100kHz)

RP117 Negative-voltage Low Noise LDO Regulator 100 mA 16 μVrms 80 dB