RP123 Series
Low Noise and Low Supply Current 250mA LDO Regulator

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  • Description

    The RP123 is a LDO regulator that provides low output noise, high ripple rejection and fast response characteristics, achieved by low supply current. This device is suitable not only for noise-sensitive applications such as high-performance analog circuits, but also for various applications.

    Key Benefits

    • Achieves Low Noise, High PSRR and Fast Response.
    • Provides Saving Space by Adopting of Small Package without Noise Bypass Capacitor.
    • Provides Long-Duration of Operation for Battery-powered Equipment by Low Supply Current of 9.5 µA (Typ.), despite the low-noise LDO.

  • Spec
    Input Voltage Range 1.9 V to 5.5 V (6.0 V)
    Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C (125°C)
    Supply Current Typ. 9.5 µA
    Standby Current Typ. 0.01 µA
    Output Voltage Range 1.2 V to 4.8 V (0.1 V step)
    Output Voltage Accuracy ±0.8% (Ta = 25℃, (VSET ≥ 1.8 V)
    Dropout Voltage Typ. 0.090 V (IOUT = 250 mA, VSET = 2.8 V, RP123Z)
    Typ. 0.105 V (IOUT = 250 mA, VSET = 2.8 V, RP123K/N)
    Output Current 250 mA
    Ripple Rejection Typ. 90 dB (f = 1 kHz)
    Typ. 85 dB (f = 10 kHz)
    Typ. 65 dB (f = 100 kHz)
    Output Noise Voltage Typ. 8 µVrms (IOUT = 250 mA)
    Package WLCSP-4-P8, WLCSP-4-P12, DFN(PL)1010-4B, SOT-23-5

    Protections / Functions

    TSD Reverse Current Limit ISC Inrush Constant Slope ECO mode Auto Discharge External Driver
  • Technical
  • Quality &
    • Refer to the datasheets for the details on the product.
    • The package file or the datasheet includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and recommended land pattern.

Download Datasheet

Functional Description

TSD Thermal Shutdown Function
Reverse Current Protection Reverse Current Protection
Current Limit Overcurrent Protection
ISC Short Current Protection
Inrush Current Limit Inrush Current Protection
Constant Slope Constant Slope Function
ECO mode ECO Function
Auto Discharge Auto Discharge Function
External Driver External Output Driver Transistor

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Functions ECO mode,Auto Discharge