Power Management ICs Meeting Industrial Needs

Products Focusing on Functional Safety

Achieving Shared Workplace for Humans and Robots

In Japan, more and more small-to-medium sized enterprises start installing cooperative robots as countermeasures for social problems such as aging workforce, a labor shortage, etc.
Cooperative robots are said to be able to work together without any fence or wall, for they are certified as safe even when workers accidentally touch them.

In the international factory automation (FA) field, those cooperative robots must meet the safety criteria determined by Safety Intergrity Level (SIL) in IEC61508 and Perfomance Level (PL) in ISO13849-1. As well as cooperative robots, compliance to the functional safety level in SIL and PL is required also by emergency shutdown systems such as safety light curtains.

Components fulfilling those safety standards are essential for not only robots themselves but also the ambient devices and circuit systems with power supply and protection portions.

  • Achieving Functional Safety by Components

Nisshinbo Micro Devices has a wide lineup of power management ICs that contribute to meeting functional safety criteria, such as reset ICs with high-accuracy over-/undervoltage monitors, power management ICs with a built in watch dogtimer, LDO regulators achieving high noise immunity, etc.

We will help our customers easily design industrial equipment that meet the functional safety requirements by proposing solutions from the perspectives of power management ICs.

  • Reset ICs Containing High-Accuracy
    Over- and Undervoltage Monitors

R3152 / R3154 Series

The R3152 / R3154 series are window voltage detectors that can check more strictly whether or not the output voltage is at the desired value by monitoring both under- and overvoltage.

It detects under- and overvoltage with high accuracy of ±0.5% (Ta = 25°C).

n addition, the R3152 achieves stable operation by preparing a SENSE pin to separate a monitoring function from the VDD pin.

R5116 Series

The R5116 is a power management IC containing a high-accuracy window voltage detector and an LDO regulator in one chip. The R5116 enables enhancing the quality of functional safety, while reducing the number of components and solving problems of disconnection between parts. The LDO regulator inside the R5116 has a good transient response feature, so the IC can output a stable voltage even under abrupt power supply or load current fluctuations.

  • Existing Circuit Structure with LDO, OVD, UVD
  • Circuit Structure with R5116
  • Power Management IC with
    Early Warning of Input Voltage Drop

R5117 Series

The R5117 is a power management IC containing an LDO regulator, a SENSE voltage detector, and a battery voltage detector in a single chip.
Separating the battery voltage monitoring function from the output voltage monitor of the LDO regulator enables the R5117 to detect decrease in the LDO output voltage in advance.

The early warning system, achieved by the early detection of the input voltage drop and quick transmission to the following devices, will provide a secure backup and prevent malfunction.

  • Power Management IC Including
    a Window Watchdog Timer

R5115 Series

The R5115 is a power management IC including an LDO regulator, a reset IC and a watchdog timer in a single chip.
The watchdog timer turns off when the monitored MCU is set to a sleep mode. The window-type watchdog timer makes it possible to design a safer system by detecting errors caused not only by the over-time but by the short time.
Also, designed with our independent technology, the R5115 features low supply current: typically 8.5 µA at operating mode, and typically 0.2 µA at standby mode.

  • LDO Regulator Achieving High Noise Immunity

R1525 Series

The R1525 is an LDO regulator that can produce a stable output voltage and prevent malfunction of systems even under high-frequency environments, thanks to its own circuit pattern considering high electromagnetic-noise immunity. The regulator also achieves a low supply current of typically 2.2 µA.

The R1525, with its high noise immunity and low supply current features, supports continuous stable operation of systems.