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Three approaches to industrial equipment field

Is any engineer of industrial machinery's board circuit familiar with the following troubles?

  • Investigating of substitute parts and redesign of board circuit caused by electronic parts EOL (End Of Life)
  • Handling troublesome board design and development with variety of small quantity equipment
  • Finding available channels for purchasing parts in small quantity
  • Assuring safety and reliability in long-term operation
  • Maintaining stable operation under severe temperature environment

There are many problems peculiar to industrial equipment with long product life cycle.
Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. carries out 3 methods to address the problems in such industrial equipment fields.

Solving issues in the field of industrial equipment

  • 1
    Long term supply

Our products can be supplied for 10 years. EOL products can also be purchased.

Industrial equipment's life is considered more than 10 years which is much longer than consumer equipment. As a result of long life, sudden production end of parts (EOL) can have a critical impact on the continuity of equipment’s production.

We are making efforts for customers to purchase necessary products anytime so that they can avoid troubling in costly steps such as investigation and procurement of alternative parts and redesign of the board due to parts change.

  • 2
    Flexible quantity purchase

Our products can be purchased in unit of one piece.

Electronic parts are usually sold on a reel basis which contains 3,000 pieces or 5,000 pieces parts.
Since 1 reel quantity is way more than the average production quantity of industrial equipment, handing the leftover parts often becomes trouble from time and cost point of view.

We are offering choices that customers can purchase the necessary quantity when needed.

  • 3
    High quality and reliability

Our products can help stable operation in harsh environments.

Some industrial equipment is used in high temperature environment and some industrial equipment is used in extremely cold area to the contrary.

It is vital, therefore, it functions even under severe temperature environment and Nisshinbo Micro Devices guarantees operation with high quality over a wide temperature range.