NJR4234BW series
24GHz Distance Measurement Module, Digital Output type

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  • Description


    • Distance measurement sensor using the 24GHz microwave

    • Measurement distance of 20 m for a pedestrian

    • Antenna, RF circuit, IF amp, MCU and voltage regulator are integrated

    • Low-profile package

    • Low power consumption: 37mA @ 3.3 V power supply

    • Unique Signal Processing / Algorithm Installation

    • Adopted UART and digital CMOS output for interface

    Series Line-up

    Part No.Detection CharacteristicAntenna TypeRF FrequencyRegion / Regurations
    NJR4234BWF1C1Distance Measurement for Stationary Objects
    and Moving Objects
    2x4 type
    (Range: 20m)
    24.05 to 24.25 GHzJapan / Technical Conformity [Certified]
    NJR4234BWF2C124.15 to 24.25 GHzEurope / CE - RE Directive [Compliance]
    NJR4234BWF3C124.075 to 24.175 GHzU.S.A. / FCC Certification [Uncertified]

    Outline Drawing


    Evaluation Kit

    Part No. for Evaluation Kit: NJR4234K
    Contents List• Evaluation Board
    • USB Cable
    • GUI *Sensor module itself needs to be prepared separately.

  • Spec
    Items Parameters
    RF Frequency 24.05 to 24.25 GHz
    Output Transmission Power E.I.R.P. +12 dBm typ., +13.8 dBm max.
    Antenna Angle 42 ° / 28 °
    Input Voltage 2.9 to 3.6 V
    Current Consumption 37 mA typ. [Average]
    250 mA max. [Peak]
    Operating Temperature Range -20 to +60 ℃
    Dimensions (L) 38 x (W) 38 x (H) 4.2 mm
  • Technical
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Functional Description

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