R3120 Series
36V Input Voltage Detector with Delay Function or SENSE pin

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  • Description

    The R3120 Series are CMOS-based 36V input voltage detector ICs. Since the maximum input voltage of R3120 is 36V (absolute maximum rating: 50V) and R3120 can detect up to 12V without divider resistor, it is suitable for automotive applications. There are two versions: A version has the CD pin for setting the output delay time. E version has the SENSE pin. The output delay time accuracy of R3120xxxxA is -50% to +80%. The reset signal of R3120xxxxE does not become unstable under the condition that the power supply is sufficient to operate the IC, and the "L" can be maintained. SOT-23-5 package is available.

  • Spec
    Operating Voltage Range R3120NxxxA: 1.2 V to 36.0 V (50.0 V)
    R3120NxxxE: 2.1 V to 6.0 V (7.0 V)
    Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 105°C (125°C)
    Supply Current Typ. 3.3 µA
    Detector Threshold Range 2.3 V to 12.0 V (0.1 V step)
    Detector Threshold Accuracy ±1.5% (Ta = 25°C)
    Detector Threshold Temperature Coefficient Typ. ±100 ppm/°C
    Release Delay Time R3120NxxxA: Typ.85 ms (CD = 0.01 µF)
    Release Delay Time Accuracy R3120NxxxA: −50% to 80%
    Output Type Nch Open Drain
    Package SOT-23-5
  • Technical
    • R3120NxxxA Typical Application

      R3120NxxxA Typical Application

      When using a shared input voltage between R3120 and CPU

    • R3120NxxxE Typical Application

      R3120NxxxE Typical Application

      When using a shared input voltage between R3120 and CPU

    • R3120NxxxA Timing Chart

      R3120NxxxA Timing Chart

    • R3120NxxxE Timing Chart

      R3120NxxxE Timing Chart

  • Quality &
    • Refer to the datasheets for the details on the product.
    • The package file includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and recommended land pattern.
    • Please contact us or our distributors for unpublished reliability information.

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