100MHz Input Mixer and 450kHz FM/AM IF Demodulator IC

Data Sheet


  • Wide Operating Voltage (2.2V to 9.0V)
  • Low Operating Current (FM: 2.5mA at V+ =2.7V, AM SW =Low / AM and FM: 5mA at V+ =2.0V, AM SW =High)
  • Maximum Mixer Input Frequency (100MHz (reference value))
  • IF Frequency (450kHz (standard))
  • AM/FM detector circuits selectable (AM SW= High : Simultaneous operation of AM/FM sections / AM SW= Low : FM section only)
  • Built-in AGC circuit in AM section
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (SSOP20)
  • Wide Range RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication)

General Description

The NJM2552 is a FM IF demodulator IC with 450kHz (standard)IF input, which operates from 2.2V to 9V supply. It includes an oscillator,mixer, limiting amplifier, FM/AM detectors, and RSSI circuit.The NJM2552 is suitable for FM /AM receivers for data / voice radio systems.

Package Information

Part Number Package Outline PLP Pins Terminal Finish Weight(mg) (Reference) Reflow soldering Flow soldering Iron soldering Packing Condition MSL Solder Foot Print
NJM2552V SSOP20 - 20 Sn2Bi 87 Yes - Yes Non dry pack 1

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