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What is myNISD?

myNISD Services and Benefits

  • Nisshinbo Micro Devices' myNISD offers a variety of services, including electronic device inquiries, SPICE model downloads, Prime Designer simulations, and on-demand videos. It is available free of charge with only account registration.

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    myNISD Help

  • myNISD
  • SPICE Models
  • Provide SPICE Models for Effective Circuit Design

    SPICE models of our leading products, including operational amplifiers, are now available. It covers OrCAD Capture®, the industry standard schematic entry tool, and OrCAD PSpice®, the world's most widely used circuit simulation.

  • Prime Designer
  • Online Simulation of
    DC/DC Switching Regulators

    Prime Designer is an online DC/DC switching regulator design tool that can be used without installing any software. Once you register with myNISD, you will have access to all of Prime Designer's features, including simulation.

Available Prime Designer Features Without Resistration With Registration
Search for Applicable Products Based on Your Application Specifications
Automatic Calculation of Circuit Constants According to Design Conditions and Report Output
Automatic Calculation of Sample Characteristics According to Design Conditions
Simulation with Designed Circuits -

Prime Designer can analyze start-up, steady state operating waveforms, line transient, load transient, AC characteristics, and efficiency characteristics. Analysis results can be exported along with schematics and circuit constants.

  • On-demand videos
  • Available to View
    Missed Webinar Videos

    You can view videos of past webinars at any time. The videos are divided into short videos for each content, so you can choose the content you want to watch. Please use videos to review the webinars you have attended as well as any webinars you may have missed.

  • Calculation Tools
  • Essential Calculation Tools for Circuit Design on Web

    Please use our convenient tools to simplify tedious calculations, from simple ones such as voltage dividers, composite resistors, to complicated ones such as the maximum inductor current of a DC/DC switching regulator.

  • Special Technical Content
  • Download Special Technical Content

    "Design Tips for Engineers" provides tips and circuit ideas to help circuit designers solve problems, and "Product Features Quick Reference Sheet" provides at-a-glance product features, functions, and concepts.