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R5543 Series
18mΩ ON Resistance 3A Load Switch IC

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  • Description

    The R5543 Series is a CMOS-based dual supply voltage load switch IC. The R5543 Series is an ideal switch for supplying the power from the secondary power source such as the output of a step-down DC/DC converter to the load circuit. A built-in Nch. transistor with typically 18 mΩ ON resistance allows the R5543 Series to provide a low dropout voltage and prevents the reverse current during shutdown mode. Internally, a single IC consists of an internal voltage step-up circuit, a soft-start circuit, a thermal shutdown circuit, a chip enable circuit and a UVLO circuit.

    The gate voltage of Nch. driver transistor is supplied by a soft-start circuit. The soft-start circuit is supplied by the external power source (VBIAS). Soft-start time is adjustable by connecting an external capacitor. The R5543 Series is offered in an ultra-small 6-pin DFN(PL)1216-6G package which achieve the smallest possible footprint solution on boards where area is limited.

  • Spec
    Input Voltage Range 0.6 V to 4.8 V (5.5 V)
    Operating Temperature Range Tj = -40°C to 105°C (125°C)
    Supply Current Typ. 25 µA (IOUT = 0 mA)
    Standby Current Typ. 0.01 µA
    Output Current Max. 3 A
    ON-resistance 18 mΩ (VIN = 1.0 V, VBIAS = 5.0 V)
    Internal FET Nch
    Package DFN(PL)1216-6G
    VBIAS Input Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) 2.5 V to 5.5 V (6.0 V)
    Thermal Shutdown 145°C

    Protections / Functions

    TSD Reverse OCP UVLO OVLO Soft Start PGOOD Auto Discharge Reset
  • Technical
    • Typical Application

      Typical Application

    • Switch On Resistance vs. Temperature

      Switch On Resistance vs. Temperature

      VBIAS = 5.0 V, IOUT = 500 mA

    • VOUT Output Voltage On Time vs. Delay Capacitance

      VOUT Output Voltage On Time vs. Delay Capacitance

      VIN = 3.6 V, VBIAS = 5.5 V, RLOAD = 10 Ω, COUT = 0.1 µF, Ta = 25°C

  • Quality &
    • Refer to the datasheets for the details on the product.
    • The package file or the datasheet includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and recommended land pattern.

Download Datasheet

Functional Description

TSD Thermal Shutdown Function
Reverse Current Protection Reverse Current Protection
OCP Overcurrent Protection
UVLO Undervoltage Lockout Protection
OVLO Overvoltage Lockout Protection
Soft Start Soft Start Function
PGOOD Power Good Output
Auto Discharge Auto Discharge Circuit

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