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Analog Front End IC for 4-7 Cell Li-Ion / Li-Polymer battery pack

November 12, 2021

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The R5602 is a new advanced Analog Front End IC, a battery management IC monitoring the condition of Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer battery pack configurations consisting of 4 to 7-cells in series. Analog Front End ICs perform cell measurements processed by a host microcontroller resulting in a flexible concept. Applications include cordless power tools, electrical bicycles, robot vacuum cleaners, robot lawn mowers, drones and more.

The R5602 provides integral protection by measuring the state of the individual cells and the battery pack in general. The microcontroller determines unsafe or faulty operating conditions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent, cell imbalance, state of charge etcetera. The R5602 has an integrated charge pump for driving external high-side N-channel MOSFETs controlling the charge and discharge process. The use of high-side MOSFETs have a significant advantage to develop a circuit sharing the ground pin terminals of the AFE with other peripheral ICs in the circuit resulting in a better accuracy of cell measurements. All monitoring specifications are stored in software settings and can be easily updated if needed or a more sophisticated monitoring algorithm can be specified by design.

The R5602 features cell voltage sampling (±30mV), current sensing through an external sense resistor, and the option to scale results with gain settings x2.5, x10, x20. Additional charge and discharge overcurrent and short circuit events are measured as well.

A high accuracy 12-Bit A/D Converter is included for sequential measurement of the cell voltages, charge & discharge current and external & embedded die temperature sensors. The performance is less than 1 ms per measurement including the analog to digital conversion.

The AFE IC enables a random cell connection sequence (CE=L) to simplify the battery pack manufacturing process.

It has built-in switches with internal resistors for open-wire detection and additional built-in switches for passive cell balancing; hereby the discharge current to balance the cell voltages is set by external resistors.

Multiple power modes are supported ranging from Max.1µA in standby mode up to Typ.150µA in normal operating condition. The IC switches automatically between idle and normal mode based on battery conditions but can be forced into the standby mode by controlling the CE pin to lower current consumption to a minimum.

An internal voltage regulator provides power to the host microcontroller IC, simplifying the circuit design and reducing board space. In order to select a suitable microcontroller of your preference, both I2C and SPI communication interface with or without CRC communication error detection are supported. An interrupt signal appears on the INTB output when a fault or not ready condition occurs. The R5602L is available in a 32 pins QFN0505-32C package, samples and evaluation boards are available from authorized local distribution channels and online partners.

  • R5602 circuit

    R5602, 4-7-Cell Analog Front End IC with SPI & I2C Interface