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Optical Touchless Sensor to control a switch without physical contact

April 26, 2022

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The NJL5830R is a reflective type optical sensor containing a high-power infrared LED, a photo diode sensor, and a signal processing IC in a unique package.

It has a high resistance to ambient light to prevent operation interference and can even be used for outdoor applications. In addition, the sensor has a reliable built-in interference prevention function between adjacent sensors. The intended applications are devices to be operated via touchless buttons without physical contact, provides a contribution to infection control and hygiene improvement.

  • Especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, touchless sensors became much more popular to prevent contamination by bacteria or viruses through specific applications for public use.

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  • Typical Application Circuits

    Typical Application Circuits nji5830r
  • Typical applications for touchless sensors are control panels and buttons for elevators, vending & ticketing machines, toilet flush & water tap control, soap dispensers, beverage server machines to name a few. The sensor has a reliable built-in interference prevention function between adjacent sensors, a detection distance of up to 50 mm is guaranteed and it even operates when wearing gloves. The integrated light modulation offers, beside a reliable interference prevention, a high resistance to ambient light, making it even suitable for outdoor use.

In addition, the IC is embedded in a thin miniature COBP package measuring only L3.6 x W5.8 x H1.2 mm, occupying only 21 square millimetre PCB area.

Samples and evaluation boards are available now and can be obtained from our approved local distributors or online partners.