NJL5830R The touchless sensor

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We create new normal life.。

We create new normal life.。

With Covid-19

The NJL5830R contributes to hygiene
by enabling touchless operation.
The sensor also contributes to SDGs.

Can be built in existing push button

It can be used in the same way as wiring of existing button,
and no need for special handling.
(It is optical type and transmissive window is necessary)

Interference between adjacent buttons and malfunction are prevented

You can mount it to adjacent buttons by optimizing detection distance.
Suitable for equipment with several buttons, such as elevator or kiosk.

Target Application

  • ElevatorElevator
  • Vending MachineVending Machine
  • Coffee MachineCoffee Machine
  • ToiletToilet
  • KioskKiosk
Our three technologies

Our three technologies
have been combined

Optical touchless sensor utilizing “optical semiconductor technology”, “analog technology”, and “assembly technology”.
The package includes light emitter, light receiver, and IC to control.

Three features of NJL5830R

① Interference prevention function between buttons is installed

② Resistant to disturbance light

③ Detectable even the gloves on

NJL5830R Circuit

NJL5830R is the reflective sensor to make buttons of highly public equipment. Touchless sensor is instrumental in infection control. This product incorporates infrared LED and light receiving IC into unique package, and is suitable for equipment with several buttons or installed outside.

Product specifications

3.6 x 5.8 x1.2mm
Digital output appears "H" by light input.
Operating Voltage
4.5 to 12.0V
Operating Current
Typ. 2.7mA(Vcc=5.0V) ※Excluding Modulation current for LED
Detection Distanc
0 to 50mm
Prevention function for interface between buttons and malfunction is installed