High temperature / low temperature tolerance products

Industrial equipment is used in high temperature environments or in extremely cold area to the contrary.

Therefore, some Nisshinbo Micro Devices products for industrial application guarantee their operation at 105°C. or 125°C. and some guarantee their operation at -50°C.

Nisshinbo Micro Devices products for industrial application that have passed strict reliability test in addition to higher temperature test, are more durable than the ones for consumer application. That is why those products can be used in industrial equipment for a long time.

Comparison of products for industrial applications and products for consumer applications

Nisshinbo Micro Devices products for industrial applications have a wide operating temperature range and are ideal for applications requiring high reliability.

Category *
Operating temperature range -50°C to 125°C * -40°C to 85°C *
Shipment test temperature 25°C, high temperature 25°C
Reliability test 2000 hrs. 1000 hrs.
  • Industrial equipment such as FA
  • Equipment to be used under severe temperature environment, like outdoor
  • Equipment that generates heat such as motor
  • Portable devices
  • Digital consumer electronics
  • Note: The operating temperature range varies for different products. For more details, please check each product page.

Applicable Products