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Electrification of automobile by our power management ICs

Two reasons electrification of cars is accelerating

There are two major reasons why electromobility is accelerating across the globe.

The first reason is that ordinary gasoline-powered vehicles are being replaced with hybrid vehicles (HV), electric vehicles (EV), fuel cell vehicles (FCV), etc. in order to reduce CO2 emissions that cause global warming.
The other is due to the widespread use of driving support functions such as a function to support collision avoidance toward zero traffic accidents and a function to automatically control the accelerator by maintaining a constant inter-vehicle distance with a forward car.

As the electromobility accelerates, more semiconductors are being used in vehicles, and now they are called "running semiconductors".

The reason our power management ICs have been chosen for more than 20 years

In order to support systems such as sensors, electrical control unit (ECU) and networks mounted on automobiles, many power management ICs for automotive applications are required.

Nisshinbo Micro Devices realize high voltage, low consumption and high precision with its own process and circuit technology, enabling development of environment-friendly products that are market demand. Nisshinbo Micro Devices will supply reliable and proven power management ICs for automotive application, in order to respond to further motorization such as automatic operation and digitization of vehicle condition.