Single-Phase DC Brushless Motor Pre-driver IC

Data Sheet


  • Operating Voltage (4.5 to 30V)
  • Absolute Maximum Voltage (36V)
  • Totem-pole Output (Lower Arm)
  • Internal Lock Detect /Auto Protection Release Circuit
  • Lock Alarm Output Terminal
  • Internal comparator 2 circuit
  • Package Outline (DMP16,SSOP16)

General Description

The NJM2660A is a Single-phase DC brushless motor pre-driver IC. It incorporates Lock Detect / Auto Protection Circuit and totem-pole pre - drivers for external power MOS-FET.The turn ON / turn OFF ratio at Auto Protection Release was set in 1:10 easy-to-use.Two comparator are built into NJM2660A for the temperature adjustable speed control or over current detection.

Package Information

Part Number Package Outline PLP Pins Terminal Finish Weight(mg) (Reference) Reflow soldering Flow soldering Iron soldering Packing Condition MSL Solder Foot Print
NJM2660AM DMP16 - 16 Sn2Bi 184 Yes Yes Yes Non dry pack 1
NJM2660AV SSOP16 - 16 Sn2Bi 66 Yes Yes Yes Non dry pack 1

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NJM2660AM DMP16 (Active) Contact Us Stock Check
NJM2660AV SSOP16 (Active) Contact Us Stock Check