NJU7295 Series
System Reset IC with Delay Circuit

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  • Description

    The NJU7295 is a system reset IC with built-in delay circuit that monitors the status of a power line, and outputs a reset signal to the microcomputer. The NJU7295 outputs a reset signal when exceeds the detection voltage. Therefore it is possible to control the microcomputer by detecting a rising edge of a power line. Delay times are fixed internally and those are set in each of rising and falling. It is possible to monitor multiplex power line by combination of NJU7295 because output voltage VOUT is kept High level when EXT Pin is Low level by connecting with other NJU7295. Detection voltage’s default value is 1.0V. It can be adjusted to desired voltage by the resistor divider. In addition, a hysteresis voltage can be set arbitrarily by inserting a resistor between the VIN pin and the HYS pin.

  • Spec
    Operating Voltage Range 1.5 V to 5.5 V (7 V)
    Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 105°C
    Supply Current Typ. 1700 µA
    Detector Threshold Range 1 V±1.0%
    Detector Threshold Accuracy ± 1 %
    Output Type CMOS output
    Package SOT-23-6-1
  • Technical
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Functional Description

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Category:Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)

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