Low Noise Amplifier with Bypass for LTE

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  • Description

    NJG1173UX2 is low noise amplifier with bypass switch for LTE, which covers frequency from 3300MHz to 3800MHz. NJG1173UX2 is able to select LNA active mode or bypass mode by low control voltage. This LNA achieves low noise figure and high linearity. Integrated ESD protection device on each port achieves excellent ESD robustness. A very small and ultra-thin package EPFFP6-X2 is adopted.


    • LTE receive application
    • WiMAX 3.5GHz receive application
    • RF front-end modules, smartphones, data cards and others mobile application

  • Spec
    Applications Cellular
    Gain Typ. 13.5dB @VDD=2.8V fRF=3500MHz
    NF Typ. 1.0dB @VDD=2.8V fRF=3500MHz
    IIP3 Typ. +5.0dBm @VDD=2.8V, fRF=3500MHz+3510MHz
    Frequency Range 3500MHz
    Operating Voltage 5.0/3.5mA @ VDD=2.8/1.8V
    Package Size Typ. 1.1x0.7x0.37 mm
    Wide Operating Temperature -40°C to 105°C
    Junction Temp. 150 °C
    Package EPFFP6-X2
    Low CTL Voltage Operation 1.3V to 5.5V
    Low Insertion Loss bypass mode (3.5dB @VDD=2.8V, fRF=3500MHz)
  • Technical
  • Quality &
    • Refer to the datasheets for the details on the product.
    • The package file or the datasheet includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and recommended land pattern.

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Functional Description

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