NJM2287 Series
100MHz Input Mixer and 450kHz IF Gain Control IC

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  • Description

    The NJM2287 is an IF Gain Control IC with 450kHz (standard) IF input,which operates from 2.7V to 5.5V supply. It includes a local-buffer, mixer,IF gain control amplifier, and RSSI circuit.The NJM2287 is especially designed for digital transceivers with built-in an analog gain control amplifier and a subsequent analog to digital converter circuit.The useful functions of the NJM2287 are rail-to-rail output swing of 3Vpp@3.3V and wide gain control of over 80dB. These features help streamline the subsequent circuit design.

  • Spec
    Supply Voltage 2.7V to 5.5V
    Operating Current 4.7 mA
    Frequency Range RF: to 100 MHz
    IF: 0.45 MHz
    Structure Bipolar Technology
    Wide Operating Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
    Junction Temp. +125℃
    Package SSOP14
    Wide IF Gain Control Range over 80dB
    Maximum Mixer Input Frequency 100MHz (reference value)
    IF Frequency 450kHz (standard)
    Note Wide Range RSSI over 70dB (linear area)
  • Technical
  • Quality &
    • Refer to the datasheets for the details on the product.
    • The package file or the datasheet includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and recommended land pattern.

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Functional Description

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