NA2200 Series
5V Analog Front End with High Gain PGA

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  • Description

    NA2200 is a CMOS-based 5V AFE with up to 512 times internal PGA (Programmable Gain Amplifier). Internal 16-bit ΔΣ type A / D converter can perform conversion rates from 0.814ksps to 6.51ksps.The customer can choose internal A/D converter’s input, among differential input, single-ended input and pseudo-differential input. NA2200 can set the optimum gain to the pressure sensor, flow sensor by a wide range of gain setting. Various parameters (such as gain, conversion rate, correction) settings can be easily set in the SPI communication from an external MCU.


    • Pressure sensors
    • Flowmeters
    • Current Measurement
    • Thermostat
    • PLC

  • Spec
    Supply Voltage 2.7V to 5.5V
    Operating Current Normal Mode:4mA
    Low Power Mode:1.3mA
    Speed 0.814ksps to 6.51ksps(Single Conversion, Low Power Mode)
    Number of Pin 16
    Interface SPI
    Structure CMOS
    Wide Operating Temperature -40°C to +125°C
    Junction Temp. +150°C
    Package SSOP-16-BD
    ADC Resolution 16-Bit (No missing codes)
    Excitation Current Source 2 systems(0.1mA, 0.25mA, 0.5mA, 1mA)
    Input mode Differential : 2 inputs, Single-ended : 4inputs, Pseudo-differential
    Note PGA 1V/V to 512V/V
    System Calibration for offset & gain drift
    Built-in Regulator
    Conversion mode Single / Continuous
    CS (Chip Select)
    Error detection CRC8, Check Sum
  • Technical
  • Quality &
    • Refer to the datasheets for the details on the product.
    • The package file or the datasheet includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and recommended land pattern.

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Functional Description

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