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What are a SENSE pin*1 and a manual reset (MR) pin*2?

Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)Function

A SENSE pin is one used only for voltage monitoring.

In general, the VIN(VDD) pin on reset ICs also functions as a voltage detection pin (SENSE pin). Some reset ICs, however, have a SENSE pin separated from the VIN(VDD) pin.

If the VIN(VDD) input is lower than the minimum operating voltage, reset ICs with a VIN(VDD) -cum-SENSE pin may become unstable and fail to keep a reset signal. As illustrated below, the reset signal by CMOS output becomes unstable, and the one by Nch open drain is equal to the pull-up voltage.


On the other hand, reset ICs with a separated SENSE pin can keep a reset signal even when the VIN(VDD) input is below the minimum operating voltage, as long as a voltage is applied to the VIN(VDD) pin.


A manual reset pin (MR pin) is one to forcibly reset the voltage detector (reset IC).

MR pin

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  • What are a SENSE pin and a manual reset (MR) pin?