Package USB8-B6
Pin 8
Dimensions (mm) 1.5x1.5
Thickness (mm) 0.55
Pitch (mm) 0.5
Solder Ball (mm)
Plating Cu,Ni,Au
Product Mass (mg) 2.4
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 1
Recommend Mounting Reflow:OK
Quantity/Reel (pcs) 3000
Taping Direction TE1/TE2
Non-use Certificate RoHSⅡ
Non-use Certificate REACH
Non-use Certificate Halogen Free

* Refer to the datasheet for the power dissipation of each product.


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Download (Package dimension, Taping specification, Taping reels dimension, Power dissipation and Land pattern (Foot pattern))

Package information


Category ProductName Datasheet  
Low Noise Amplifiers NJG1126HB6 2GHz Band Low Noise Amplifier
Low Noise Amplifiers NJG1127HB6 800MHz Band LNA GaAs MMIC
Low Noise Amplifiers NJG1128HB6 450MHz Band LNA GaAs MMIC
RF Switches NJG1635AHB6 SPDT Switch GaAs MMIC
RF Switches NJG1648HB6 DPDT Switch GaAs MMIC
RF Switches NJG1649HB6 SPDT Switch GaAs MMIC
RF Switches NJG1650HB6 SP3T Switch GaAs MMIC