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Press Release
May 30, 2024

New Release of the NA2200, 5V Analog Front End with High-Gain PGA

Nisshinbo Micro Devices released the NA2200, a general-purpose 5V analog front end (AFE) with a high-gain PGA that can be used with a variety of sensors for industrial equipment.

In recent years, the industrial equipment market has seen rapid progress in the automation of manufacturing processes to improve production efficiency, enhance quality, and compensate for labor shortages. Sensors are essential to such automation, and the demand for sensors is expected to grow. However, since the design of sensor circuits is time-consuming in terms of setting constants, the problem arises that the design time increases significantly.

Because the NA2200 incorporates a high-gain programmable gain amplifier (PGA) with a maximum gain of 512 times, which allows offset calibration and gain setting from a microcontroller, this product reduces design effort and setting costs for equipment using sensors.

Product Name NA2200
Sample Unit Price
(Reference unit price when purchasing 2000 units, tax Included *)
JPY 550
Sample Order Start Date May 30, 2024
Monthly Production 100,000 pcs
  • *The price is based on the consumption tax rate as of May 2024.


1. Easy Calibration to Match a sensor by System

Designing a sensor circuit requires offset calibration and gain setting that match the characteristics of the sensor, as well as complex constant settings if an operational amplifier is used. In addition, if multiple sensors are used, these settings are required for each sensor. As a result, there are issues that significantly increase the amount of work required.
The NA2200 can perform offset calibration and gain setting to match the sensor with a single command (instruction) from a microcontroller. Offset calibration can be performed from a microcontroller by setting the input signal to zero without adding external correction components. Gain setting can be performed to set the gain deviation of the built-in PGA with a single command from a microcontroller. The magnification of the PGA is up to 512 times to support a variety of sensors.

Graph. Offset Calibration and PGA Gain Setting
Graph. Offset Calibration and PGA Gain Setting

2. Ideal for Industrial Equipment Thanks to 5V Operating Voltage Support

In the industrial equipment market, 5V microcontrollers are still widely used. To send sensor information as accurately as possible, the AFE must operate at the same voltage as the microcontroller. Since the NA2200 supports a 5V operating voltage, it is the ideal AFE for systems that use a microcontroller.
As shown in Figure 1, not only the 16-bit ΔΣ type AD converter, but also peripheral functions such as a PGA, two systems of excitation current sources for sensors, and a reference voltage source for the ADC are integrated to achieve a small footprint on the board.

Figure 1. Block Diagram
Figure 1. Block Diagram

Product Photo

NA2200 Product Photo

NA2200 (SSOP-16-BD)

Main Specifications (Please refer to the datasheet for details.)

  • Supply Voltage: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • 16-bit ΔΣ Type A/D Converter, 0.814 ksps to 6.51 ksps (Case of Single Conversion)
  • Differential: 2 Inputs, Single-Ended: 4 Inputs, Pseudo-Differential: 2 Inputs
  • PGA: 1 V/V to 512 V/V
  • System Calibration for Offset & Gain Drift
  • Built-in Regulator: 2.4 V (Typ.)
  • Current Consumption: Normal Mode 4 mA, Low Power Mode 1 mA
  • Conversion Mode: Single/Continuous
  • Excitation Current Source: 2 Systems (0.1 mA, 0.25 mA, 0.5 mA, 1.0 mA)
  • Interface: SPI
  • Error detection: CRC8, Check Sum
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Package: SSOP-16-BD


  • Thermostats
  • Flowmeters
  • Various Types of Sensors