1.8V Operating Voltage Fundamental Quartz Crystal Oscillator IC with Input Tolerant Function

Data Sheet


  • Maximum Oscillation (Frequency 60MHz(Fundamental))
  • Frequency Stability (±1ppm@VDD±10%)
  • Wide Operating Voltage (1.62 to 3.63V)
  • Low Operating Current (2mA typ.@60MHz/3.3V)
  • 6-Stage Divider (Maximum Divider f0/64)
  • Built-in LDO
  • Input Tolerant Circuit (0 to 3.63V@CONT Term.)
  • Oscillation Stop and Output Stand-by Function
  • 3-State Output Buffer
  • Variable Pull-up Resistance on-Die (CONT: Pull-up Resistance large at the Stand-by mode.)
  • Oscillation Capacitors Cg and Cg on-Die
  • C-MOS Technology
  • Package Outline (Die/Wafer)

General Description

The NJU6221 series is a C-MOS quartz crystal oscillator IC realized excellent frequency stability for fundamental (up to 60MHz) oscillation, and consists of an oscillation amplifier, a 6-stage divider, a 3-state output buffer, a built-in LDO and a input tolerant circuit. The operating voltage is from 1.62V to 3.63V, and the LDO holds down the characteristic change of the oscillation amplifier for operating voltage variation, and has been stabilized oscillation frequency. (±1ppm@VDD±10%) The 6-stage divider generates only one frequency selected at the factory shipment of f0, f0/2, f0/4, f0/8, f0/16, f0/32 and f0/64 internal circuits is output. The 3-state output buffer is C-MOS compatible. The input tolerant circuit ensures that 0 to 3.63 V can be applied to CONT terminal without regard to the supply voltage. The oscillation stopping current is very low stand-by mode, therefore, it is suitable for the portable items of the communication equipment and the like.


*Under development

Fout Version
Type A Type B Type C
f0 A1 B1 C1
f0/2 A2* B2* C2*
f0/4 A3* B3* C3*
f0/8 A4* B4* C4*
f0/16 A5* B5* C5*
f0/32 A6* B6* C6*
f0/64 A7* B7* C7*