300/400MHz Band Down Mixer with Amplifier

Data Sheet


  • Wide Operating Voltage (2V to 5.5V)
  • Low Operating Current (2.8mA typ. @V+=2.2V,429MHz input)
  • Conversion Gain (9dB@V+=2.2V,429MHz input)
  • Excellent Thermal Stability Conversion Gain (2dB@V+=2.2V,429MHz input,-40 to + 85°C (reference range))
  • Input Frequency (300MHz to Up to 500MHz (recommended range))
  • Third - Order Intercept Point (-12dBm@V+=2.2V,429MHz input)
  • Local Input Resistance (9.1kΩ)
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (SOT-23-6-1)

General Description

The NJM2288 is a low-current, low-voltage down mixer, which operates from 2V supply. It is very suitable for situations where small size,low cost, low parts count is important.

Package Information

Part Number Package Outline PLP Pins Terminal Finish Weight(mg) (Reference) Reflow soldering Flow soldering Iron soldering Packing Condition MSL Solder Foot Print
NJM2288F1 SOT-23-6-1 - 6 Sn2Bi 15 Yes Yes Yes Non dry pack 1

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