4ch RGB Laser Diode Driver for Display System

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  • QFN0808-56


The RN5C752 is a laser-diode driver designed to support four-channel RGB/RGGB displays for driving laser scanning systems. By connecting photo diodes (PD), this device is capable of automatically detecting a threshold current and a light emitting current of each channel of the laser-diode drivers (LD).

Key Benefits

  • 200Mdot/sec High Speed Sink Type 10-Bit Current DAC RGGB 4-Channel Configuration.
  • Equipped with TIA/PGA for PD Light Receiving System and Automatic Setting Functions of Increase/ /Decrease Rate for LD Light Emitting Current and LD Threshold Current.
  • QFN 56-Pins Wettable Frank Compatible.
  • Provided Safe Pin Arrangement with Consideration for Shorting between Adjacent Pins.

Key Specifications

  • RGGB 4 Channel Current Output (Sink)
  • LD1 (R) Maximum Operating Current ··················· IOP = 800 mA (ICOLOR = up to 500 mA, ITH = up to 300 mA)
  • LD2 to 4 (GGB) Maximum Operating Current ········ IOP = 400 mA (ICOLOR = up to 250 mA, ITH = up to 150 mA)
  • Maximum Output Rate Per 1 Channel ·················· 200Mdot/sec
  • High Gradation Output by Using 10-Bit Color DAC
  • High Speed Output of Typically 1.0-ns Rising/Falling
  • 20-bit Parallel Input Video I/F, Maximum Clock Frequency: 200 MHz, LVCMOS I/F
  • 10-bit Parallel Input Video I/F, Maximum Clock Frequency: 225 MHz, LVCMOS I/F
  • 10-V LD Pin Corresponding to High Forward Voltage (VF) LD
  • Power Saving and Heat Generation Suppression of the Package by Using LD Power Source Control
  • Protections: LD Overcurrent, LD Pin Short Circuit, PDI Input, Thermal Shutdown
  • Pulse-Off Function, Dimming Function
  • 12-bit SAR-ADC
  • Serial Port Control by Using SPI Communication, SPI Maximum: 25 MHz
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 70°C

Typical Applications

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QFN0808-56 Pin Descriptions

  • QFN0808-56 Pin Descriptions