C-MOS Quad SPST Analog Switch

Data Sheet


  • High Break Down Voltage (44V)
  • Low On-state Resistance
  • C-MOS Technology
  • Package Outline (DIP/DMP16)

General Description

The NJU201A is a quad break-before-make SPST analog switch protected up to 44V operating voltage. All switches are controlled by TTL or C-MOS compatible input. The low state resistance is about half compare with the NJU7301,The NJU201A is functionally and pin-to-pin compatible with SILICONIX DG201A.

Package Information

Part Number Package Outline PLP Pins Terminal Finish Weight(mg) (Reference) Reflow soldering Flow soldering Iron soldering Packing Condition MSL Solder Foot Print
NJU201AD DIP16 - 16 Sn2Bi 1170 - Yes Yes Non dry pack - -
NJU201AM DMP16 - 16 Sn2Bi 184 Yes Yes Yes Non dry pack 1

Sample & Buy

Part Number Packages Status Packing Specification Sample Buy
NJU201AD DIP16 (Active) Contact Us Stock Check
NJU201AM DMP16 (Active) Contact Us Stock Check