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Press Release
July 11, 2024

New Release of the NA2100, Low-Consumption, Voltage to Frequency Converter

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. released the NA2100, a general-purpose, low-consumption, voltage to frequency converter for industrial equipment.

Product Name NA2100
Sample Unit Price
(Reference unit price when purchasing 100 units, tax Included *)
JPY 220
Sample Order Start Date July 11, 2024
Monthly Production 500,000 pcs
  • *The price is based on the consumption tax rate as of July 2024.

In the industrial market, sensing applications sometimes require signals to be transmitted over long distances. As signal quality deteriorates due to noise and other factors when analog signals are transmitted over long distances, the possibility of equipment malfunction increases. To solve this problem, the signals are converted to digital signals for transmission so that they are less susceptible to noise.
The NA2100 can easily convert analog signals to digital frequency proportional to voltage without external commands. This solves the problem of signal quality degradation due to noise interference.
In industrial equipment, the voltage measurement block and the signal processing block may need to be isolated for ground reference differences and noise suppression. When using a general AD converter, as shown in the reference circuit below, the number of components and cost increase become an issue.

Reference Diagram, Examples of Isolation Circuit

The NA2100 can achieve conversion accuracy of 12 bits or higher with a simple circuit configuration. By isolating the output signal with a photocoupler, a simple isolated application can be configured. An operational amplifier can convert the photocoupler's output current signal to voltage in order to transmit the signal to the MCU. This product features high linearity over a wide range and solves the customer's problem by reducing the cost by decreasing the number of components (no AD converter or MCU is required for signal processing) as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.


1. Provides Linearity over a Wide Range

This product provides conversion accuracy of 12 bits or higher with a simple circuit configuration. The linearity error specification is maximum ±0.018% of full scale. This value means a maximum of ±0.74 LSB of full scale when converted to 12 bits (4096 levels) and also meets the linearity of ±1 LSB or less. The output frequency has low distortion over a wide range from 10% to 90% of fCLKIN. (BUF = OFF)

Figure 1. Output Frequency Range (VREF = 5 V)
Figure 1. Output Frequency Range (VREF = 5 V)

2. Supports not only 3.3 V but 5 V Operating Voltage Which Is Commonly Used in Industrial Equipment

The NA2100 supports a 5 V operating voltage and can also operate at 3.3 V. Simple isolated sensing applications can be constructed by using this product with a photocoupler.

Figure 2. Block Diagram and Example of Simple, Isolated Sensing Circuit
Figure 2. Block Diagram and Example of Simple, Isolated Sensing Circuit

Product Photo

NA2100 Product Photo


Main Specifications (Please refer to the datasheet for details.)

Items NA2100
Synchronous Operation Full-Scale Frequency Set by External System Clock
Operation Voltage 3.0 V to 5.25 V
Low Consumption 3 mW (typ)
Nominal Input Range 0 to VREF
VREF Range 2.5 V to VDD
Internal Reference Voltage 2.5 V
Maximum Input Frequency 1 MHz
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +125°C
Package VSP-8-AF (MSOP8*)
  • * MEET JEDEC MO-187-DA


  • Simple 12-bit or higher AD converter
  • Simple isolated transfer from voltage measurement block to signal processing block
  • Battery monitoring system