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This IC is the power management IC for GPS-PND/MID. It integrates three high-efficiency step-down DCDC converters, seven low dropout regulators, power control logic, Li-ion Battery Charger, I2C-Bus Interface, voltage detections, thermal shut-down, and etc.

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  • I2C-Bus interface @3.4MHz and 400kHz
  • Detector Function (System/IO/Battery-Voltage-detector, UVLO)
  • Thermal Shutdown Function
  • Watchdog timer
  • Power on key input for System's power up
  • Power on reset output for CPU
  • Flexible power-on/off sequence by OTP
  • Flexible DCDCx and LDOx default-on/off control by OTP

High Efficiency Step-down DC/DC Converters

  • DC/DC10.6-3.5V Max 3000mA
  • DC/DC20.6-3.5V Max 2000mA
  • DC/DC30.6-3.5V Max 2000mA
  • Soft-start circuit

Low Drop Voltage Regulators

  • LDO10.9-3.5V Max 300mA
  • LDO20.9-3.5V Max 300mA
  • LDO30.6-3.5V Max 300mA
  • LDO40.9-3.5V Max 200mA
  • LDO50.9-3.5V Max 200mA
  • LDORTC11.7-3.5V Max 10mA (AlwaysOn, For coin battery)
  • LDORTC20.9-3.5V Max 10mA (AlwaysOn)
  • Over current Protection and Short circuit Protection.

Li-ion Battery Charger

  • Supports AC adapter charging and USB charging in an individual port
  • With the current limit protection and charge current control.
  • The system can power on even when Li-ion Battery is low voltage or open.
  • Rapid timer and Trickle timer.
  • Power-path control.
  • Over temperature protection

Fuel Gauge

  • 12-bit resolution.
  • 1 second integration.


  • 12-bit resolution A/D converter
  • Eight channels: LIMMON, VADP, VUSB, VBAT, VSYS, THERMBAT and two external(GPIO) pins.
  • Single/Auto conversion mode
  • Detect high/low thresholds which can be set


  • Supports interrupt function (level/edge) for input signals
  • Outputs power-on signal for external devices
  • Power on/off input for System's power up/down
  • DCDCx and LDOx can be controlled by external input
  • GPIO2 can output LDORTC2
  • GPIO0 and GPIO1 have input to ADC for voltage monitor
  • GPIO0 and GPIO1 have maximum 15mA sink for LED.

Interrupt Controller (INTC)



  • CMOS


  • Portable Device (Tablet, Smart Phone, MID, GPS-PND etc.)
  • Information Appliance (STB, HDMI-Dongle etc.)