High Isolation X-SP4T(DP8T) Switch


  • 概要

    The NJG1695ME7 is a GaAs X (cross) - SP4T (DP8T) switch MMIC for switching of balanced (differential) mode filters. It features low insertion loss and very high isolation for balanced signal input.The ESD protection circuits are integrated in the IC to achieve high ESD tolerance.The ultra-small and ultra-thin EQFN18-E7 package is adopted. *) The X-SP4T is a paired SP4T switch that features two identical SP4T switches being integrated into one chip. The two SP4T switches are controlled synchronously, and their respective RF lines cross each other on the chip.


    • Switching of balanced type filters Quad band application
      Suitable for 3G and LTE application

  • 仕様
    機能 X-SP4Tスイッチ(DP8T)
    High Isolation
    P-0.1dB Typ. 23dBm
    パワーレベル Low Power
    挿入損失 0.45dB typ.@f=1.0GHz, PIN=0dBm
    0.55dB typ.@f=2.0GHz, PIN=0dBm
    0.80dB typ.@f=2.7GHz, PIN=0dBm
    アイソレーション 43dB typ.@f=1.0GHz, PIN=0dBm
    38dB typ.@f=2.0GHz, PIN=0dBm
    35dB typ.@f=2.7GHz, PIN=0dBm
    周波数範囲 0.05GHz to 3GHz
    外形サイズ Typ. 2.0x2.0x0.397 mm
    低切替電圧 VCTL(H)=1.35V typ.
    動作電圧 VDD=1.5V to 4.5V
    動作温度範囲 -40°C to 90°C
    ジャンクション温度 150°C
    パッケージ EQFN18-E7
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