High Isolation X-SPDT (DP4T) Switch


  • 概要

    The NJG1800NB2 is a GaAs X (cross) – SPDT (DP4T) switch MMIC, which is designed for switching of balanced (differential) dual band filters.The switch IC features very low insertion loss and very high isolation for balanced signal input. It has integrated DC blocking capacitors at PC1 and PC2 ports. The ESD protection circuits are integrated in the IC to achieve high ESD tolerance.The NJG1800NB2 is assembled in a very small, lead-free, halogen-free, 1.55mm x 1.15mm, 10-pin EPCSP10-B2 package.
    *) X-SPDT is a paired SPDT switch controlled synchronously. The X-SPDT includes two SPDT switches whose RF lines have a crossing inside the chip.


    • Balanced filter switching application
    • LTE, UMTS, CDMA and GSM Multi-mode or Multi-band applications
    • Mobile phone, Tablet PC, Data card, Router and others mobile device applications

  • 仕様
    機能 DP4Tスイッチ(X-SPDT)
    P-0.1dB Typ. 21dBm
    パワーレベル Low Power
    挿入損失 0.38dB typ.@f=2.0GHz, PIN=0dBm
    0.36dB typ.@f=2.7GHz, PIN=0dBm
    アイソレーション 39dB typ.@f=2.0GHz, PIN=0dBm
    37dB typ.@f=2.7GHz, PIN=0dBm
    周波数範囲 0.5GHz to 3GHz
    外形サイズ Typ. 1.55x1.15x0.55 mm
    低切替電圧 VCTL(H)=1.8V typ.
    動作電圧 VDD=2.7V typ.
    動作温度範囲 -40°C to 90°C
    ジャンクション温度 150°C
    パッケージ EPCSP10-B2
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