Optical Fiber Sensor Block Diagram

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Optical Fiber Sensor

Photo Sensor Power Supply Block IO-Link

(Photo Sensor)

products Features
NJL640x COBP Photo Diode

(Op-Amp.) Operational Amplifier

products Features
NJU7047 9V/µs High-Speed, Rail-to-Rail I/O CMOS Operational Amplifier
NJU77582 Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Operational Amplifier

(DC/DC) Power Supply Block

products Features
NJW1933 600mA,500kHz,Step-Down Switching Regulator in SOT23
NJW4175(U.D.) 600mA MOSFET Switching Regulator IC for Synchronous Buck Converter

(LDO) Power Supply Block

products Features
NJM128xx LDO with Reverse Current Protection / Soft Start / Discharge Function
NJU777x Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

(3-Terminal Voltage Regulator) Power Supply Block

products Features
NJW4181 High Voltage Very low current consumption Io=100mA Regulator

(IO-Link) Interface Block

products Features
NJW4805(U.D.) IO-Link Device Transceiver

(OSSD (Output Signal Switching Device)) Interface Block

products Features
NJW4822 1-Channel Low Side Switch
NJW4832 1-Channel High Side Switch