Foundry Service

As a leading foundry manufacturer for analog and mixed-signal products, Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. offers highly reliable process technologies, which are well optimized in our own product development. The technologies are ranging from 4.0 to 0.35um, and Bipolar, CMOS with HVMOS, high speed BiCMOS, and BCD. Since the technologies are available on 4", 5", and 8" wafers, Nisshinbo Micro Devices can appropriately respond to wide range production volume with our three manufacturing fab and UMC' 8" fab.

Leading technologies


Process PDF Details
10 to 40V
Wafer Size 5"
♦Complimentary 40V High Speed Bipolar 21KB 2.0µm rule
Bipolar 40V NPN ft= 2.9GHz, Vertical PNP ft= 3.7GHz
Wafer Size 5"
♦High Speed BiCMOS 218KB 0.8µm rule
Bipolar 10V NPN ft= 8.0GHz, Vertical PNP ft= 5.5GHz
Wafer Size 5"
♦Analog CMOS+HV 21KB 0.7µm rule
LV 5V, HV 20V/30V/36V
Wafer Size 5"
♦BCD 19KB 0.35µm rule
Bipolar 15V NPN, LPNP、CMOS 3.3V/5.0V、DMOS 40V/50V
Wafer Size 8"(*1)
♦Analog CMOS+HV
0.35µm rule
LV 3.3V, MV 5.0V, HV 12~36V
Wafer Size 8"(*1)

(*1):This process was developed in cooperation with UMC.

Guarantee items on foundry service

  • Process control monitor (Device characteristics)
  • Appearance defects

Optional services

  • Wafer sort
  • Final Test

Product forms

The PCM data is attached to the product at delivery.

  • Wafer
  • Bare die
  • Package

Business flow

  • The standard business flow of foundry service is as follows.
    If you have any questions,please contuct us.

    Development Process Figure