R1293 系列


  • 概述

    The R1293 Series are multi power supply ICs dedicated for mid-size TFT LCD panels. Each of the IC consists of a PWM control step-up DC/DC converter, an LDO regulator, a VCOM amplifier and six GAMMA amplifiers. The output noise can be reduced by SEL pin. (SEL pin "H": normal mode, SEL pin "L": low noise mode.) The MOSFET for step-up DC/DC converter is built-in and, low power operation is realized by standby mode. The package is 4mm square DFN(PLP)0404-32.

  • 规格
    输入电压范围 DC/DC: 2.2 V to 5.5 V (6.5 V)
    LDO: 2.2 V to 5.5 V (6.5 V)
    AMP: 5.0 V to 16 V (24 V)
    工作温度范围 -40°C to 85°C (125°C)
    电源电流 Typ. 300 µA
    待机电流 Typ. 60 µA
    输出电压范围 DC/DC: Max. 16 V (Externally Adjustable)
    LDO: 1.8 V to 2.5 V (Internally Fixed)
    输出电压精度 LDO: ±1.0%
    反馈电压 DC/DC: 1 V
    反馈电压精度 DC/DC: ±15 mV
    输出电流 LDO: 350 mA
    振荡器频率 Typ. 300 kHz to1 MHz (Externally Adjustable)
    最大占空比 Typ. 90% (Externally Adjustable)
    封装 QFN(PLP)0404-32
    Buffer Amplifier Input Voltage Range VCOM: 1.5 V to VBUFF -1.5 V
    GAMMA: 0 V to VBUFF
    Buffer Amplifier Output Current VCOM: -100 mA to 100 mA
    GAMMA: -10 mA to 10 mA


    TSD ILX OCP OVP UVLO OVLO Reverse Shutdown Soft Start SSCG PGOOD Auto Discharge Anti-ringing Sequencing Max Duty Ext. Phase LED Adjust
  • 技术资料
    • Typical Application

      Typical Application

      For external parts, please refer to the datasheet.

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TSD 热关断电路
ILX LX Current Limit Function
OCP 过流保护
OVP 过压保护
UVLO 欠压锁定功能
OVLO Overvoltage Lockout Protection
Reverse 反向电流保护电路
Shutdown 关机功能
Soft Start 软启动功能
SSCG Spread Spectrum Clock Generator Function
PGOOD Power Good Output
Auto Discharge 自动放电功能
Anti-ringing Anti-ringing Switch Function
Sequencing Start-up Sequencing Control
Max Duty 最大占空比
Ext. Phase 外部可调相位补偿
LED Adjust LED High-speed Dimming Control


分类:DC / DC开关稳压器

拓扑结构 Boost
min (V)
max (V)
max (V)